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Re-assess your project properly

... it's


This is all there is to the world, right?This is all there is to the world, right?


(credit Pierre Dussault ing, CPCC, ACC)

There have been significant technological changes in the exploration and mining industry.


2016 ...was an 'awkward' year for Mining  & Exploration.

2017 was even more unstable.  

2018... US-China trade tensions weighed on copper miners in 

Meanwhile gold producers struggled as bullion lost its            safe-haven luster until late in the year.

 2019... as fears of a global economic slowdown overshadowed other fundamentals.

This is what mining leaders are saying for 2019...

... different market conditions and changing attitudes to investment require new ideas in fund raising and even more vigilance. Call on the experts to assess your project

Many exploration projects have been reduced or stopped to balance losses faced by miners, thus making the search for minerals an unattractive investment option.  

'Stock Exchange Explorers' are fighting to maintain credibility.

There ARE OPTIONS to CUT COSTS and improve

project effectiveness and productivity

The cost of reviewing your methods is minimal compared to the consequences of carrying on in the 'same old way'.

If you're involved in the exploration, mining or minerals business,

MinEx Associates can definitely assist you.  

MinEx has more than 250 Registered Associates in all disciplines to provide


For any project scale or stage of development, MinEx will improve matters.

Project Assessment

ANY Mineral

ANY Country

ANY Stage of Project

Selection and Lease Applications

Evaluation & Negotiation (buy or J.V.)

Project Mandating and Offerings

Process Solutions

Production Enhancement

Operating Cost Reduction

Gravity Concentration Experts

Independent Assessment 

Chinese Process Alternatives

Security Audits

Exploration Geophysics

Spectral & Hyper-spectral analysis

(satellite and drone)

Resonance Acoustic Profile (RAP) Geophysics

Sub-Bottom Profile (SBP) Geophysics