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Steve Canby

B.Sc. (Hons.) Eng. (U.C. Cardiff, South Wales) - 1979; NADSAM (Technikon RSA) - 1989.

  - Consultant in Mineral Project Assessment, advanced and remote Exploration techniques, Mineral Processing (especially gravity techniques) and Alluvial and Elluvial Mining .

Able to administer any project initiative and coordinate any mineral industry task,  Steve has spent many years focussing on alternative mineral industry methodologies as an Independent Consultant.

Over 36 years’ experience as a Minerals Exploitation Engineer initially with Anglo American and De Beers.  He is a project assessor and developer and has been involved in many more than 100 mining and exploration projects.  

As Principal Associate of the MinEx Associates Group, he has access to more than 250 registered Associates. He is a specialist in diamond and other precious and semi-precious stones, COLTAN (tantalite), tin, tungsten, gold, coal, copper, mineral sands, iron ore, dimension stone (including limestone, marble and granite), asbestos, etc.  He has been a driver of cutting edge geophysics techniques among technical leaders, worldwide.

Experience in the UK, Mozambique, South Africa, Uganda, Swaziland, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil, Guyana, Peru, Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and the DRC, in all, 20 countries in Africa, South and Central America, Russia & various FSU countries. 

Steve worked for and consulted to many junior and mid-tier Stock Exchange companies in the UK as well as senior Geo-Engineering Companies, Wardrop (now Tetratech) Atkins, DRA, Batemans.  He has been responsible for budgets and project executions exceeding $100m, involved in key positions with projects in excess of $700m, but at the same time is equally at home with artisanal trading projects and small scale projects.