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Conventional processing methods are not the most efficient and certainly not the most economical.

In particular, conventional gravity concentration techniques are expensive on CAPITAL and OPERATING cost.

Chinese/Asian plant and equipment long ago overtook the established techniques for exploration treatment, bulk sample treatment and all scales of operational processing.  For small scale and artisanal mining, there is no alternative.

Asian equipment is typically:

        half the price CAPEX

        half of the price OPEX

        same quality (or better) - WHAT????!!! - ask MinEx to explain this!

        manufactured and available on site in half the time


The traditional 'western' manufacturers do not want you to know or believe this and spend a great deal of time, words and money to discredit Chinese and Asian equipment.

The are hurdles to overcome in dealing with Asian companies, i.e.

        Communicating with Asian manufacturers

        Cutting out the middle men

        Application inexperience


MinEx have fifteen years experience negotiating with and acquiring from Chinese and Asian equipment manufacturers.  This is not something you should try to learn.  Trust our experience and get the best deal in terms of price, but more importantly QUALITY.


PLEASE... Talk to us and we will open your eyes!